1 Delicious Ethiopian Lightly Spiced Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
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1 Delicious Ethiopian Lightly Spiced Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

1 Delicious Ethiopian Lightly Spiced Whole Wheat Bread, affectionately known as himbasha, combines the nutty richness of whole wheat with a delicate blend of aromatic spices
With its soft texture and subtle sweetness, this traditional bread is a popular staple of Ethiopian cuisine and symbolizes unity, abundance and the joy of eating together
Whether enjoyed at a festive table or shared with loved ones, Himbasha offers everyone a taste and tradition of Ethiopia’s vibrant culinary heritage.

1 Delicious Ethiopian Lightly Spiced Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

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1 Delicious Ethiopian Lightly Spiced Whole Wheat Bread, known as ‘himbasha’ or ‘ambasha’, is a testament to Ethiopia’s rich culinary tradition and the art of bread baking
A perfect balance of whole grains, aromatic spices, and cultural significance, this traditional bread offers a flavourful journey into the heart of Ethiopian cuisine
From its humble origins to its elaborate preparations, lightly spiced Ethiopian whole wheat bread embodies the essence of Ethiopian culinary tradition
At the heart of the Ethiopian Light Spiced Whole Wheat Bread recipe is the use of whole wheat flour, which gives the bread its distinctive nutty flavour and hearty texture
Whole wheat flour is very important in Ethiopian cuisine and is known for its nutritional content and earthy flavour
Milled from whole wheat, this flour forms a healthy base for Himbasha and reflects Ethiopia’s emphasis on hearty, nutritious ingredients
Whole grains are complemented by a delicate blend of spices, including cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, giving the bread a touch of warmth and complexity
Commonly used in Ethiopian cuisine, these spices add depth and aroma to the bread, enhancing its overall richness and character
Each spice adds its own essence, creating a harmonious fusion of flavours that characterize lightly spiced Ethiopian whole wheat bread
Making lightly spiced Ethiopian whole wheat bread is a labour of love that requires patience, skill and attention to detail
First, mix the flour with yeast, sugar, salt and warm water to form a smooth and elastic dough
The dough is kneaded until it reaches the perfect consistency, allowing it to rise and create a unique texture
Divide the fermented dough into round loaves and press the dough with your fingertips to create intricate patterns
These decorative patterns not only enhance the bread’s visual appeal but also have cultural significance and symbolize blessings and good fortune in the Ethiopian tradition
Lightly seasoned Ethiopian whole wheat bread is brushed with a mixture of honey and water before baking, giving the dough a subtle sweetness and shine
This finishing touch adds a luxurious touch to the bread, transforming it from a simple staple to a festive dish for special occasions or celebrations
Lightly spiced, Ethiopian whole wheat bread is baked to perfection and comes out of the oven with a tantalizing aroma wafting through the air
The outside is crispy and golden, but the inside is soft and tender, with delicate crumbs that melt in your mouth with every bite
The subtle aroma of spices lingers in your mouth, leaving you feeling warm and satisfied for a long time
Beyond culinary pleasure, Ethiopia’s lightly spiced whole wheat bread has deep cultural significance in Ethiopian society
It is often shared during religious ceremonies, holidays, and family gatherings, symbolizing community unity, abundance, and blessings
In Ethiopian culture, breaking bread together is a sacred ritual that fosters bonds of friendship and solidarity, and himbasha serves as an embodiment of these values
In summary, lightly spiced Ethiopian whole wheat bread is more than just bread
It is a symbol of Ethiopia’s rich culinary tradition and the spirit of togetherness that characterizes Ethiopian culture
With wholesome ingredients, aromatic spices, and cultural significance, Himbasha invites foodies to experience the warmth and hospitality of Ethiopian cuisine and celebrate the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones



  1. First, mix the yeast in a cup of lukewarm water and let it stand until it swells.
  2. Alternatively, you can use a sourdough starter.
  3. Add the yeast to a large mixing bowl along with the oil, coriander, cinnamon, sugar, salt, and 2 cups of warm water and mix well.
  4. Then add the flour and mix well, then gradually add the warm water and mix until an elastic and smooth dough forms.
  5. Cover the bowl and let stand until it triples in size. This may take an hour or more.
  6. Next, place the dough on the baking sheet and make sure it is evenly distributed.
  7. Then let it rest for about 30 minutes to ferment. Bake the dough for about an hour.
  8. Bake at 350° until bread is golden brown.
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